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About us

From humble and rough beginnings Tint shop at Monterey has grown to be a well recognized tint shop in Monterey, Castroville, and Salinas!

Founded by Oswaldo Esteva in 2015 and with the help of a great mentor and best of all great Friend, George Booher, established Tint shop at Monterey

With a great passion towards Auto’s learning the proper Exterior and Interior Protection methods and always on the look for growth, Tint Shop at Monterey’s began its journey to help as many people possible In showing the importance of proper and adequate window tint for the every-day driver to those who are constantly on the road

A few years ago, Oswaldo added another employee, to keep up with his demand. Fernando Arango, with many years of experience, joined the Tint Shop at Monterey team.
Tint Shop At Monterey


This review is a little late, however absolutely five star job. I made an appointment and received a quote very easy over the phone, they took my car right at the appointment time, and it's been months with zero issues on the tint. It was good enough I plan on taking a different car there soon.

Definitely recommend!
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Rich H.