Back-up Cameras and Blind Spot Detectors


Back-up Cameras and Blind Spot Detectors

A quick glance in your rearview mirror isn’t always enough. Even when you look back over your shoulder, you still have a blind spot. Having a backup camera not only helps you fit into or out of a tight parking space, it really comes in handy when in those awkward traffic intersection moments and afraid to back into the car behind you.


I have had them tint two of my vehicles . 2015 Hyundai Sonata sport . 2017 Honda Civic Touring . Both cars came out perfect . No gaps , bubbles , or dirt. He sold me how he goes to the very edge of the glass when u roll the windows up and down . Oz is very professional and knowledgeable on his products . He will be doing my clear bra on my civic next . This shop is a master of their craft . Highly recommend . Not the cheapest shop but the best quality job on the peninsula !

Steven B.

Monterey, CA